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To purchase licences for your tenants follow the steps within your account.

Register to use Vaboo

If you are a Letting Agent and would like to use Vaboo for your tenants, please contact us to setup an account.

How can Vaboo help me?

  • Save money on your business costs
  • Stand out from the crowd by incentivising tenants to rent your property
  • Reduce maintenance costs: having a stronger relationship with your tenants motivates them to look after your property
  • Reduce void periods and admin costs: happier tenants will stay longer
  • Reduce the risk of arrears: helping your tenant’s finances go further will make it easier for them to pay your rent!

What's in the Landlord Club?

The Landlord Club is a free service that hosts offers and discounts on products and services that are specific to Landlords.

What's in Vaboo Rewards?

Vaboo Rewards is a service that gives members offers and discounts on products and services with national retailers that they are likely to be spending money on already.

Once you've purchased a Vaboo licence for 5 or more of your tenants, you unlock Vaboo Rewards for yourself.

Alternatively, you can purchase a licence for yourself from within your account