Bright young renter

Bright young renter

15 November 2018 | Harriet Garner

Arnold, who rents from Pisoria, was our latest competition winner and won himself 2 tickets to see Michael McIntyre and dinner on us. When he came in to collect his prize, we sat down and had a quick chat to find out a little more about his renting experiences to see if we could learn anything!

"What's always struck me when it comes to renting is how diverse your renting experience can be. I think I've experienced both sides of the spectrum and everything in between - you can never be sure what you're going to get."

"It's always baffled me why this is the case. I spend most of my monthly income on where I live, and I don't think expecting a level of service that matches up with that price tag is unrealistic!"

"The problem is, when you feel like you have a letting agent who doesn't care about your experience, it really changes your perception towards them. When I've rented from a landlord who is committed to good service it changes the whole dynamic - it just makes everything so much more pleasant and amiable."

"I think a mutual relationship built on respect works out well for both renter and letting agent. For instance, I find I have far more patience if something takes a while to fix if my renting experience has been positive and there is good communication on both sides."

"Similarly, I feel like good renters should be rewarded for paying rent on time and generally looking after a property. If you wanted to make some minor interior decorations to your flat and you've always paid rent on time and looked after the property well, then I don't think you should be vilified at the end of a tenancy agreement for a few nails in the wall."

Affordability remains a topic of major concern for renters.

"I worry about my student debt and also the amount of money I spend on food. I work so hard - I'm always hungry! To try and cut costs I prepare all my weekly meals on a Sunday night. You should see my fridge at the beginning of the week, it's jam-packed with Tupperware!"

"Thankfully budgeting in my current flat is really easy. It's a house share, so everything is included; rent, bills and even cleaning! It makes it so much easier knowing exactly how much money is going out of your account each month."

We asked Arnold how his renting experience could be improved.

"I'm pretty happy where I am, but if there was an amenity like a swimming pool then I think I would be persuaded to pay a little extra rent for the privilege!"

"Ultimately, I think flexibility is really to me when it comes to my renting experience. For instance, I'm planning on moving in with my girlfriend soon, and because I'm on a rolling contract I can do that whenever I want to as oppose to being tied into a tenancy agreement I'm no longer interested in."

With so many renters reconciled with a lifetime of renting, we asked Arnold whether he had home-owning aspirations.

"I really want to own my own home but I'm realistic about it. I know it's likely if I do buy it will have to be outside London which is really sad because I grew up in London!"

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